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If you are within 5 years of retirement, or have already retired, you can not afford to miss this unique workshop that will answer the #1 question retirees ask:

"Will I Outlive My Money?"
  • Current investment environment: How long will the bull market continue?
  • How interest rates could affect your portfolio in the future
  • What current stock market valuations mean for long-term investors
  • How to effectively balance security and growth in your portfolio
  • Options to provide additional portfolio stability
  • Why a "buy and hold" approach to investing may experience challenges in a volatile market
  • How the 2016 election results will affect your retirement 

  • Upcoming Events 2017
  • Th. Jan. 12th @5:30pm, Chesapeake Inn

  • Chesapeake, MD
  • Wed. Jan. 18th @5:30pm, Chesapeake Inn
  • Chesapeake, MD

  • Wed. Jan. 25th  @10am* & 3pm*
  • Middletown, DE
  • Th. Jan. 26th @5:30pm, Penn Oaks 
  • Country Club- West Chester, PA
  • Tue. Jan. 31st @5:30pm, Penn Oaks
  • Country Club- West Chester, PA

 Middletown Professional Center, 291A Carter Rd., Middletown, DE

Call 610-358-8942 for more information or to register for one of our events.