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Transitions can be among life's most stressful and uncertain periods. Evolving from the known to the unknown creates  an unsettling sense of insecurity. This scenario is never more evident than during the transition from work life to retirement.

Dan White and Associates was founded in 1987 to provide stability in the face of this unknown. Firm founder and licensed insurance agent Dan White has focused his niche practice solely on addressing the distinctive financial needs for those nearing retirement and those who are retired. Dan White and Associates is one of only a handful of their practice to transitional planning.

Dan White and Associates has carved its niche both through the results it achieves, and in the way it conducts client relationships. First and foremost, Dan helps clients through the process of retirement planning by discussing financial products that may fit into their financial goals. Mr. White attributes much of the firm's success in establishing strong client relationships with the approach in the initial meeting. Dan asks the most important questions that enable the client to come to understand, by their own answers, the financial path they wish to follow for their retirement.

White also believes that workers with modest assets should still have access to a team of professionals. As a result, Dan White and Associates works closely with all of the client's advisors, including attorneys, accountants, and brokers. Mr. White assumes the lead role in this team to ensure that all the strategies work together for the betterment of the client.

Perhaps the most distinguished practice of this firm is its handling of the estate transition to the heirs upon the client's death. Understanding that the estate can be drained if every step is not taken properly, Dan meets with the heirs following the death to take them through the entire transition process--at no cost. Most firms charge $250 to $500 an hour for this follow-up, but Dan White and Associates sees it as the final service to its client and therefore does not charge for the consultation. In fact, Dan White never charges its clients for services. The Firm is compensated by the insurance carriers that provide the financial products. While meeting with the heirs following a client's passing can be a somber event. Mr. White leaves these final meetings with satisfaction of knowing that the lifestyle of the client's final wish to fruition-- the passing of an intact estate to their loved ones. Dan is not an attorney but he will work with the family's legal representation to handle the estate.

An aging American combined with the precarious state of Medicare and Social Security has created a need for comprehensive retirement management that goes beyond the ability of general financial counselors. Dan White and Associates provides a unique, and much needed service, to retirees--one that heralds a new era in which retirees can enjoy security without risk and a future without uncertainty.

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